Ushers (Ministers of Hospitality)


Ushers, as Ministers of Hospitality are often the first and last person a parishioner or visitor meets at church.  It is therefore of prime importance that he or she reflects the welcoming nature of a parish centered around Jesus.  This can be accomplished by greeting the people with a warm smile and a few simple words of welcome.  It is also accomplished by the action of the Usher in assisting the congregation if needed, but especially the handicapped or elderly, to a pew.

At St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the Usher also takes up the collection and escorts the offertory procession of gifts to the Sanctuary.  He or she serves as a Minister of Hospitality by guiding the congregation to the Eucharistic Banquet of communion in an orderly fashion.  After the dismissal at the end of the Mass (or prayer service) the Usher, again as a Minister of Hospitality, bids a friendly farewell and at the weekend Masses distributes the bulletin to those leaving.

The true reward of an Usher is in that fulfilling this role he or she is performing a needed service to the people of God.  There is always need for a dedicated group of Ministers of Hospitality.


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